Much Ado About Nothing, Berkeley Shakespeare Program (1996, Globe Theatre)

UBCSP "Much Ado" Program: Cast Musicians & Crew (1996)




Date Opened: 

July 15 1996

Production Type: 



John Bailey, Oboe
Phil Freihofner, Oboe
Samir Gupta, Percussion
Tom Lees, Sackbutt
Sean Lightholder, Guitar
Abigail Newman, Sackbutt
Penny Pay, Shawm
Andrew Ritchie, Violoncello
Philip Prickett, Shawm
Eli Robbins, English horn
Paul Sherman, Oboe
Adrian Tribe, Cornet

Additional Crew

Alison Horton, Assistant Director
John Bailey, Music Director
Kari Nelson, Costume Designer
Laura Stanfield, Choreographer
Thuon Chen, Publicity
Christine Cilley, Assistant Costumer
Shiela Foote, Make-up
Joy Gilman, Stage Manager
David Grubsdck, Stage Manager
Alfred Hamilton, Property Master
Meredith Markman, Program Design, Archivist

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