Collaborative Projects

Publications and Websites

  1. Royal Shakespeare Company: My Shakespeare blog post by Hugh Richmond
    April 15 2012
  2. New website opened jointly with the Townsend Humanities Center, UCB
    October 20 2011
  3. A new journal, ed. H. Coursen; regular issues beginning in 1993-94


  1. Panel discussion on KQED Forum with P. Kelly, C. Perloff, H. Richmond
    April 10 2012

Seminars and Courses

  1. Course at UCB Osher Life Long Learning Institute, Philippa Kelly & Hugh Richmond
  2. Seminars at Goethe Institute in Los Angeles (October, 2000, led by Louis Fantasia), and Holy Names College in Oakland (February, 2001, led by Hugh Richmond)
    October 2000 to February 2001
  3. An annual summer course for graduate students, senior Shakespeare teachers (junior & senior high-school, college, and university), and theatre professionals taught by using the stage of the rebuilt Globe Theatre in London
  4. Del Campo High School's Shakespeare Marathon, Sacramento; Sam Wanamaker, Hugh Richmond
    April 19 1990
  5. Seminar at UC Berkeley: G. Angel, "A New CA Shakespeare Theatre"; L. Friedlander, Stanford University, "Computerized Shakespeare Videodiscs"; A. Gurr & S. Wanamaker, "Rebuilding the Globe."
    March 4 1989


  1. Six-lecture series with Philippa Kelly, UCB Osher Life Long Learning Institute
    January 2011 to March 2011
  2. Osher Institute Lecture by Hugh Richmond, University of California, Berkeley
    October 28 2009
  3. Public lecture by Hugh Richmond for U.C. Berkeley Homecoming
    October 3 2009
  4. Six lectures by Hugh Richmond for the Osher Institute, U. C. Berkeley
    January 2009 to March 2009
  5. Seven lectures by Hugh Richmond for the Osher Institute, U.C. Berkeley
    January 28 2008 to March 10 2008
  6. Seven lectures by Hugh Richmond for the Osher Institute, U.C. Berkeley
  7. Seven lectures by Hugh Richmond for the Osher Institute, U.C. Berkeley
  8. Lectures by Hugh Richmond, Bristol University, U.K., and Holbourne Museum, Bath, U.K.
    October 20 2003 to October 21 2003
  9. With the Globe Centre at the Shakespeare Association of America, Atlanta
    April 1 1993 to April 3 1993
  10. By Professor Andrew Gurr (U.C.L.A.)
    March 4 1989

Live Productions

  1. Production director and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Artistic Director Dominic Dromgoole in a pre-performance interview with Hugh Richmond Zellerbach Hall, UCB
    November 6 2009
  2. Translated as "The Shepherds" & produced by Hugh Richmond, Valley Performing Arts Center, Holy Names College
    December 4 2002
  3. Hugh Richmond was presented to H. M. Queen Elizabeth II as a representative of American universities supporting the Globe reconstruction
    June 12 1997
  4. By the U.C.B. Shakespeare Program on the stage of the restored Globe Theatre in London
    July 15 1996
  5. U.C. Forum Conference at U.C. Davis, production of The Winter's Tale, director: Stuart Burge
    March 8 1991 to March 10 1991
  6. Warner Bros., Globe Centre, & 300 California Shakespeare teachers (high school, college and university); with David Jacobi, Glen Close, Mel Gibson, etc.

Conferences and Conference Sessions

  1. Conference at Bristol University, U.K.; lecture by Hugh Richmond, "Shakespeare and Velazquez"
    March 25 2006
  2. Panel and debate at the MLA Annual Conference in Toronto
    December 1998
  3. Session led by H. Richmond at the International Shakespeare Congress Los Angeles; Shakespeare performances staged by Globe Centre U.S.A, Western Region
    April 1996
  4. Paper by H. Richmond, Shakespeare Association, Chicago
    March 24 1995
  5. Conference at Los Angeles Central Library, L. Fantasia (Globe), consultant: H. Richmond
    April 23 1994
  6. Conference of U.C. Shakespeare Forum at U.C. Medical Centre, San Francisco
    October 8 1993 to October 10 1993
  7. Conference of U.C. Shakespeare Forum with La Jolla Playhouse & San Diego Old Globe, U.C. San Diego
    October 23 1992 to October 25 1992
  8. Festival in L.A., L. Fantasia; funds: CA Council for Humanities: $20,000
    April 22 1991 to April 28 1991
  9. International Conference of Actors & Scholars, U.C. Extension/U.C. Shakespeare Forum, with Mel Gibson, M. Rosenberg, H. Richmond
    October 12 1990 to October 14 1990
  10. L.A. follow-up conference, Louis Fantasia & Hugh Richmond
    September 20 1990
  11. A forum at the Shakespeare Association, Philadelphia; F. Hildy, J. Orrell, A. Gurr, H. Richmond
    April 13 1990 to April 15 1990
  12. University of Georgia, Frank Hildy, John Styan, John Orrell, Andrew Gurr, Hugh Richmond
    February 16 1990 to February 17 1990
  13. Conference with U.C. Shakespeare Forum, Mark Taper Forum, K. Branagh's Renaissance Theatre, Huntington Library
    February 2 1990 to February 4 1990
  14. Conference of High School Teachers, Marlborough School, L. Fantasia, R. Rees (R.S.C.), H. Richmond
    January 27 1990
  15. M. Allen (U.C.L.A.), R. Benedetti (Cal Instit. Arts), H. Richmond (U.C.B.), P. Stewart (R.S.C.), H. Swander (U.C.S.B.), R. Cohen (U.C.I.), L. Fantasia (Globe)
    September 9 1989
  16. Arranged and hosted by Hugh Richmond, at Shakespeare Assoc., Austin, Texas.
    April 14 1989
  17. Conference arranged by Director Michael Allen, Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, U.C.L.A.
    January 19 1989

Documentary Films

  1. Video documentary with Berkeley Community Media, 30 min., distributed by TMW Media/First Light
  2. An educational television documentary based on a USP production of "Much Ado"

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