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Pericles, California Shakespeare Theatre, 2008

This fanciful, rambling play, about the misadventures of a royal wanderer (nothing to do with the celebrated Athenian politician), greatly appealed to Shakespeare's original audiences, to the indignation of his friend and rival Ben Jonson. Not included in the First Folio, its questionable authorship and erratic plot ensured its neglect, but its unfamiliarity and eccentricity excite modern audiences, who revel in the Levantine exoticism of its settings and the alternating perversity and charm of the father/daughter relationships (see Cal Shakes's 2008 production). Its heroines, Thaisa and her charming daughter Marina, are very endearing while they cope with extraordinary misfortunes, and all ends happily, except for the villains. Shakespeare would have known the tomb of its Chorus, the poet Gower, in what is now Southwark Cathedral, near the Globe Theatre.

Pericles, California Shakespeare Theatre, 2008
Pericles, Royal Shakespeare Company, 1980
Pericles, Stratford Festival, 1973
Pericles, California Shakespeare Theatre, 2008
Pericles (Christopher Kelly) at the Bruns Theatre: California Shakespeare Theatre, 2008.
Pericles (Christopher Kelly) Meets Some Fishermen at the Bruns Theatre: California Shakespeare Theatre, 2008.
Pericles 2008: Thaisa and Simonedes.
Pericles, 2008: Thaisa celebrates the victory of Pericles (Christopher Kelly).
Pericles, 2008; Pericles recovers his daughter, Marina (Sarah Nealis).

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