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Measure for Measure, Lily Brayton as Isabella, 1907

This play has traditionally been regarded as distasteful because of its preoccupation with sexuality and the harsh reactions to it by the play's leading roles: the novice nun Isabella 2.2.29-42; 3.1.135-46) and her harasser the magistrate Angelo (2.2.161-86). The voyeurism of the manipulative Duke disguised as a Friar also arouses distaste (3.1.180-279). However, in the increasingly open society of the second half of the twentieth century, the play's exploitation of the stress and humor of aberrant sexuality became more customary and the play is now more frequently performed and appreciated, often reset in a modern political environment (see Stratford Festival 1975, RSC 1987, and RSC 1998). Its title (taken from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew's Gospel) stresses that the script approximates to the genre of the morality play, and many of the characters verge on allegorical roles, particularly in the series of intense debates between Isabella and Angelo over the execution of her brother for fornication, which presents them as advocates of Mercy and Justice respectively (see this video clip). The play has several other comparable moments of intense, even tragic feeling (as in Claudio's discussion of his death sentence with the Duke, 3.1.1-43), and many critics regret the resolution of this tension by the Duke's trickery, even though this happy outcome approximates to the Christian theme of universal forgiveness, and matches the Renaissance concept of tragicomedy favored by other popular dramatists such as Lope de Vega. Such issues seem appropriate to Shakespeare's fresh choice of setting, compared to his sources; Reformation Vienna saw confrontations between Lutheranism and the Holy Roman Emperors.

Measure for Measure, Royal Shakespeare Company, 1984
Measure for Measure, Royal Shakespeare Company, 1987
Measure for Measure, Royal Shakespeare Company, 1998
Vienna: Maximilian II as a Young Archduke: Measure for Measure.
Measure for Measure, BBC / Time-Life, 1979
John Philip Kemble as Duke Vicentio, 1794 (Anon.)
Measure for Measure, Royal Shakespeare Company, 1970
Isabella Andreini: a famous Italian actress in the Italian commedia dell'arte company i Gelosi
Isabella Andreini as principal actress in a commedia dell'arte scene.
Measure for Measure, 1907
Measure For Measure, William Poel Production, 1893
Measure for Measure, Lily Brayton as Isabella, 1907
Measure for Measure, Stratford Festival, 1975
Measure for Measure, Isabella Glyn (1823-1889) as Isabella and William Hoskins (d.1886) as Lucio
Isabella in Measure for Measure at the Bruns Theatre of the California Shakespeare Theatre, 2003.
Stratford Festival, Stratford, Ontario, Canada, Measure for Measure,1975

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