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Shakespeare in performance is now a core interest for all Shakespeareans: students, scholars, theatre professionals, and general audiences - anyone with a love of Shakespeare. We survey current information, opinions and visuals about such staging, with the best explorations of Shakespeare's original stage, of performances during his lifetime, and through four centuries thereafter.

The site now has numerous galleries: about Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, then and now; about his English and European backgrounds; and a variety of educational options, with site teaching models. There are many new videos of and about Shakespeare; and fresh essays on audience input (in  Bibliographies). We have also created a parallel site for Miltonists at http://miltonrevealed.berkeley.edu

We are happy to welcome David Landreth, Associate Professor of English at UCB, as our new Associate Director (see "About Us").

Hugh Macrae Richmond, Director, Shakespeare Program, English Department, University of California at Berkeley