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The Winter's Tale
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The Winter's Tale: Perdita (1757-72). This costume seems closer to Queen Marie Antoinette than classical pastoral. Courtesy New York Public Library.


This play has proved one of the most appealing of Shakespeare's late plays. It progresses from the rigor of Greek tragedy in the dooming of Hermione by her husband's manic jealousy, through a picturesque phase of pastoral recreation, to a near religious mood of resolution. Despite its remote settings in time and place, it has accommodated surpisingly modern resitings (6.2.39, 6.2.40). The appeal of its three principal female roles, Hermione and her daughter Perdita, with her defender Paulina, have offered effective roles to many distinguished actresses (2.4.35, 3.3.29, 3.3.30, 3.3.31, 3.3.32), and Autolycus has proved an endearing rogue to generations of audiences (2.4.37). HMR


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The Winter's Tale: W. E. Burton (1804-1860) as Autolycus, 1859. Furness Image Collection.

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