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Shakespeare in performance and the rebuilding of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre have been concerns of the Shakespeare Program in the English Department of the University of California for thirty-five years. It also developed one of the first courses in Shakespeare and Film, and staged more than fifty public performances by students and faculty, including many full-length productions of Shakespeare plays, plus above thirty video-recordings (five in national distribution and many shown on television networks such as UCTV). It is now primarily concerned with the development of teaching materials such as this site.


The first of the following sections covers the history of the Shakespeare Program at the University of California at Berkeley. This account is followed by a summary of the principal live and recorded productions of the Program, coupled with various video documentaries. Next comes a summary of shared projects with other groups, followed by fuller data about individual performances; then by examples of sonnet writing in the Program; and next by a list of publications about the Program. The overview ends with a bio-bibliography of the Director of the U.C.B. Shakespeare Program, and of this U.C.B. Website on Shakespeare's Staging: Hugh Richmond (above, with student actors). Reclick on "About Us" at pagetop to ensure access to all these items (in left column).





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