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King Henry VIII: 1990; Director: Paul Shepard; Queen Katherine: Alicia Erlanger; King Henry VIII: Richard Hirst; Duchess: Hilary Ivancovich

1976 Shaw: The Dark Lady of the Sonnets (Video)

1977 Shakespeare: Love's Labor's Lost (Live & Video) +

1978 Shakespeare: Two Noble Kinsmen (CA Première: Live,Video) + #

1979 Shakespeare: Plantagenet Women (H. VI, Richard III: Video) + #

1980 Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream (Live & Video) +

1981 Shakespeare: The Merry Wives of Windsor (Video only) + #

1981 Shakespeare in Production: "Merry Wives" (Video only)

1982 Fernando de Rojas: La Celestina (Video only) #

1982 Shakespeare: Pericles (Live & Video)#

1982 Producing "Pericles" (Video only)

1983 Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet (Video only).#

1984 Shakespeare: Politic Women (Rich. II,H. IV, H. V: Live & Video)

1984 The Renaissance Faire (Video only).#

1985 Milton: Paradise Lost (World Premire: Live & Video)


        Adam and Eve in our play version of Paradise Lost,
        which here resembles the medieval Biblical plays.

1985 Shakespeare & the Globe (DVD; Distrib: Films for Humanities)*#

1986 A Prologue to Chaucer (DVD; Distributor: Films for Humanities)*

1986 Milton: Comus (Music Video only)

1986 Milton By Himself (DVD; Distributor: Films for Humanities)*

1986 Shakespeare: The Two Gentlemen of Verona (Live & Video)

1988 Shakespeare: Measure for Measure (Live & Video)#

1990 Shakespeare: Henry VIII (Live/Video; S.F.Bay Area Première) + #

1991 Webster: The White Devil (Live & Video)

1992 Shakespeare: Comedy of Errors (Producer: S.Booth; Live & Video)

1993 Shakespeare: The Tempest (Live & Video)

1994 Shakespeare: Cymbeline (Producer: S. Booth, Director Erica Lin)

1994 Milton: Comus (live & video); Pyramus & Thisbe (Live & Video)

1995 Shakespeare: Love's Labour's Lost (Live & Video)

1996 Shakespeare: Much Ado (UCB, Globe UK; Live & Video X 2) + #

1998 Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Restored (DVD: TMW Media)*

1999 Shakespeare: Antony & Cleopatra (Producer Alan Nelson)

2002 Florencio Ibañez, Los Pastores (live and video).#

2002 Shakespeare: Twelfth Night (Producer: Alan Nelson)

2003 Shakespeare: the Spanish Connection (video anthology)

2004 Much Ado About Nothing (Producer: Joel Altman)

2006 Shakespeare: As You Like It (Producer: Joel Altman)


2007 Shakespeare & the Spanish Connection (DVD: TMW Media)#*

2008 Milton: Samson Agonistes (English U/g Assn.) Producer: K. Goodman, Director K. Binkowski.

2008 Shakespeare, Macbeth, Producer: Stephen Booth, Director:Brett Gamboa.

2009 Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida (English U/g Assn.) Producer S. Booth, Director: K. Binkowski.

2011 Milton Revealed at

Most videos are in Moffitt Library, UCB; starred items* are in national distribution;   +means illustrations from this production can be found in Gallery 1; # means partial access to item on this site's Video Gallery (& YouTube), often via the the documentary Shakespeare and the Spanish Connection (above).


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