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The first sub-title on the left, "During Shakespeare's Time,"  provides access to listings  of written resources relevant to Renaissance performances of Shakespeare's plays, starting with a section on printed materials already available in Shakespeare's own time, and followed by another selection from subsequent documentation of the circumstances and conditions bearing on such early staging. 

The four subsections accessible via the next heading, "After Shakespeare's Time," cover successive periods in the history of Shakespearean performances after his lifetime, through printed documentation about these productions.

The final heading, "Individual Plays," lists selected items discussing productions of each  Shakespearean script, covered in alphabetical order by title. Fuller data and credits for the incidental illustrations in all these sections may be found in the relevant Performance Galleries. 

In addition to brief historical introductions to most bibliographic sections, afterwords on possible considerations of audience-response in the composition of scripts have been added where most relevant, particularly after listings for "Individual Plays" with major impact, such as the tragedies. With proper attribution these and all other essays on this site may be freely used for educational purposes, but not for commercial profit.



King Henry VI Part 1: Joan La Pucelle in the 20th C. See Galleries 2 & 6.


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